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It has been found by University of Waikato NZ that Manuka honey possesses a selection of naturally happening medicinal qualities. It is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and possesses anti-oxidant characteristics.

Auckland (PRWEB) January 17, 2013

The University of Waikato has a research unit dedicated to honey, the appropriately named Honey Study Unit. The University was the first to identify anti-bacterial qualities in the honey, which spurred the development of a large industry focussed on the use of this all-natural healing item. More lately, the Universty has isolated a compound in the manuka nectar itself which is the active ingredient in Manuka honey. In an post entitled ‘Why Honey is Effective as a Medicine’, Peter Molan discusses Manuka honey’s use for boosting the immune system, treating diarrhoea and stimulatng cell development.

It has been found that Manuka honey possesses a selection of naturally happening medicinal qualities . It is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and possesses anti-oxidant characteristics. The former two explain its efficacy as a dressing for wounds as it is an efficient means of preventing infection and ensuring an injury does not worsen. It has general application as a dressing for burns. It is thought that the higher PH of the honey complements the anti-bacterial characteristics, creating it a useful antibiotic. Anti-oxidant agents are of great importance: recent medical theory is that oxidisng elements, known as ‘free radicals’, harm cells and contribute to the aging process. Anti-oxidants might counteract these, potentially slowing the aging process and preserving cells.

The scientific research by the Universty of Waikato has stressed the degree to which Manuka honey is harmless, following the Hippocratic principle that 1 must avod creating injury to patients. The paper notes that “in the 1000′s of many years that honey has been utilized on open wounds and in the eyes it has not gained a reputation for adverse effects”.

To be labelled as Manuka Honey at least 70% of the honey must come from the pollen of the shrub, it has been recognized as a therapeutic good in Australia and there is a large, and rapidly expanding, marketplace for its use. Manuka Honey containing products can be marked with either MGO or UMF if their quality and purity is higher enough. Well being companies have utilised the many beneficial characteristics of Manuka Honey in a wide selection of different forms to assist with every thing from skin care to toothpaste, permitting the incredible qualities of the honey to be accessed in consumer friendly forms.

New Zealand Nature Business (and the Maruia Mail Order Catalogue) traces its origins from the Maruia Society, now known as the Ecologic Foundation. The New Zealand Nature Business was founded in 1996 with the aim of providing a range of products to clients with a expanding interest in sustainability. Seventeen many years later, they are proud that the founding principles of quality products, friendly individual service and competitive prices are still what manual them. The NZ Nature Business sells selection of NZ made active manuka honey products globally.

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