Whitish can because a lot of things. Foreign body, injury to the vagina, fecesof the environment, the water was not clean, use tampons or panty liners sustainable. All of this potential to bring fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites:a. Mushroom Candidas or MoniliaThe color is milky white, thick, smelly little hard, accompanied by itching of the vagina. As a result, the mouth of the vagina becomes red and inflamed. Usually, pregnancy, diabetes, use birth control pills, and low body resistance triggers. Newborns can also be infected with whitish due to Candida because during birth mother accidentally swallowing liquids which suffer from the disease.b. Parasite Trichomonas vaginalisTransmitted through sexual contact, toiletries, lip or toilet. Whitish fluid is very thick, frothy, yellow or greenish with a rancid smell. Keputihan because the parasite does not cause itching, but vagina tender.c. Bacteria GardnellaThis infection causes intense itching and annoying. Color gray liquid, watery, bubbly, and smells fishy. Several other types of bacteria also trigger the emergence of venereal diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea.d. VirusWhitish due to viral infection is often caused by venereal diseases, such as condyloma, herpes, HIV / AIDS. Marked growth of condyloma warts are very much with smelly liquid. It often affects pregnant women. Herpes virus being transmitted through intercourse. Shaped like a blister wounds, there is around the vagina, itchy discharge, and felt hot. Symptoms of vaginal discharge caused by viruses can also be a trigger factor of cervical cancer.

2. DO NOT FORGET TO REPLACE sanitary napkins
No need to panic if you have a vaginal discharge . Generally, women do experience vaginal discharge, especially in Indonesia that high air humidity levels. To prevent this, consider the following points:Always keep personal hygiene, especially hygiene genitals. Fur vagina (pubic) are too thick can be a place of hiding germs. So, do not forget to cut or clean for giving discharge medication easier to absorb.Get used to wash the vagina with the right way, ie with a movement from front to back. Rinse with clean water every toilet and shower.Change tampons or panty liners in time. Do not be too over time for the bacteria does not accumulate.If white light is still in its early stages, try using a special antiseptic soap ataularutan vaginal rinse, but do not use excessive because it will just turn off the mall normal vaginal flora. If necessary, consult your doctor.Avoid too frequent use talcum powder around the vagina, fragrant tissues, or toilet paper. This will make the vagina often irritated.Avoid prolonged humid atmosphere of the vagina by the use of pants in the wet, rarely replaced, does not absorb sweat, or wear jeans too tight.Note the cleanliness of the environment. Whitish also can arise through unclean water. So, clean the bathtub, bucket, dipper, water torn, and the lips of the toilet with antiseptic to avoid the proliferation of germs.

3. HUSBAND also checked
If you’ve got white , do the following:Talk to your obstetrician. Who knew white you can still be treated with ointments or medicines that contain antiseptics and antibiotics.If the discharge still occurs, perform laboratory tests. Vaginal fluids will be taken to be checked, whether there are germs in it or not. Could be just because of hormonal factors or a lack of cleanliness maintained.For those who are married, do check with your partner. The doctor will hold a cross-check on your husband. Who knew germs whiteness comes from the husband.If you have not healed well, do cross check with medication. Who knew you were resistant to the drugs given.To have sex, do pap smears. Moreover, if the vaginal discharge accompanied by anything suspicious in cervical cancer and worry about carrying the virus. Ideally, a pap smear done once a year.If positive for the virus, could proceed with the examination of the cervix using a magnifying device that is placed on the outer lips of the vagina. As a supporter, also do urine tests and blood tests.

4. Barren
If not treated properly, not impossible vaginal infection will spread to various places. Germs easily infiltrate and cause further infection in the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes. This makes the fluid in second place was excessive and occurs pelengketan in the ovary.As a result, the sperm is difficult to meet the egg. If this is the case dragged on, the couple will be difficult to have offspring. This, says Anita, who actually raises the assumption that indirectly discharge could make a woman become infertile.In addition to disease, the greatest effects of whiteness is feeling uncomfortable, including during sexual activity. The husband may complain of disturbed fluid discharge excess with a very sharp odor.If intercourse continues to be done, the husband can catch germs whitish or a phenomenon known as ping-pong. Therefore, during therapy vaginal discharge, it is advisable not to have sex before vaginal discharge is reduced.

5. Daughter CAN TAXABLE
Try telisik, whether your child often play ground or climb a tree? Be careful, lo, because whiteness was also able to attack children. When playing games in any place, dirt, sand, ants, or a myriad of other germs can easily penetrate.For example, pinworms which usually are on the ground. This one can spread parasites enter through the anus to the vagina. Symptoms are not different with whitish in adults. Excessive discharge, odor, itching, and if carded cause wound infections.Handling is easiest to clean the vagina with soap or antiseptic solution, but not too often. Generally, three consecutive days according to the instructions of use. If nothing changes, consult a doctor promptly.

One time, a patient’s treatment because her vagina is very dry and chafed. What article? Apparently he drank herbal anti-whiteness to treat vaginal discharge . “You better not be taking drugs such as herbal medicine and traditional couplet to treat vaginal discharge due to its attractive fluid and will only make the vaginal lining is irritated,” said Anita.What about the betel leaf that had been believed to be able to treat vaginal discharge ? Betel leaves do contain an antiseptic. “But the last mentioned study, betel leaves contain bacteria that can not die just by few degrees of warming.In Indonesia also known as vaginitis or Whiteness with keputihan. one of the most efficacious drugs for keputihan is Natural Crystal X or Crystal X.Natural Crystal X is a mixed product of natural ingredients of plant and organic material containing sulfur, Antiseptic, Oil Vinieill. The material is compacted so that it can be used to clean the female reproductive organs up into. thus providing greater benefits than just cleaning the exterior only.Crystal X has a length of 6 cm with a diameter of 1 cm with a smooth surface so comfortable and safe to use because of its organic matter content will provide nutrients to the wall lining of the vagina. Benefits of using Natural Crystal XCrystal X is the most PRACTICAL, QUICKLY AND SAFELY for:
1. Enabling and flexing back muscles of the vagina. 2. Adding to the sensitivity of vaginal stimulation. 3. Helps eliminate odors divagina. 4. Making the vagina becomes more refreshing aroma. 5. Killing germs or harmful bacteria. 6. Prevent and cure the vaginal discharge. 7. Remove scale or dirt in the lining of the vagina. 8. Diselaput cure vaginal irritation. 9. Prevent the occurrence of female reproductive cancers.

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